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hello,I am Dr.Web.

The professional web specialist.

I’m a Creative Designer focused on SEO Analysis, Web Design and Front-end Development!

Whether you are an individual working as a freelancer or you manage small or medium size businesses , Doctor Web takes all aspects of your current and planned business into account developing customised solutions.

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Web Design, SEO & SEM, IT Solutions

Who I Am.

My name is Luigi Mancini and I am a professional IT and web specialist with over 18 years of experience. I focus on provision of full set of excellent web analysis , design and development services.

Combining a broad range of web and IT skills I provide professional services as creating a brand new website or solving complicated issues that could either be one offs or known problems, both for individuals and companies.

I am highly focused with a comprehensive understanding of designing, developing and maintaining websites to required specifications, focusing on quality and client satisfaction.

Over the years I have worked on a great variety of projects in very different fields, but I approach every new project as a clean sheet, because every business is unique and solutions should therefore be unique as well.

What I Do.


Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing are often about making small modifications to parts of your website.

Web Design

A quality website is undoubtedly the single best investment you can make to promote your business whether you are a service provider or a seller of goods.

Frontend Development

Having a working knowledge of common information technologies and systems, I manage multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining high customer service standards.

Pricing Plan

Every problem have a proper solution

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

SEO stads for Search Engine Optimization and it means all activities needed and suggested to reach higher rankings in Web search Engines like Google and Yahoo.


Website size ( meaning “number of pages” ) and features depends on owner needs for his/her business.


Sometimes clients already have websites with beautiful contents, but on old templates that can become unfit for modern security standards, or graphic or customers interactions needs. Websites then must migrate in a new form and platform, and normally it becomes the right moment also to refresh them.

Domain and Hosting costs?

In packages are not enlistened doamin and hosting costs. They depends on which hosting is selected, how much space website need and which feature are suggested based on client needs. There is a wide range of opportunities and must choosed depending on project.

Follow Up and Support?

I ususally stay in contact with my clients and I can gladly grant a support service, based on clients needs and choices.

Let's Work Together!

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